Ferment Group PRO

Success lies in the details.

Drawing from our own experience and understanding of the needs and challenges of the market, we assist in creating and developing your business in the HoReCa sector.

With over 12 years of active presence in the Polish gastronomy sector and 15 years of experience working in foreign markets, particularly with a deep understanding of the industry in the UK and Italy, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to the specifics of the HoReCa industry through auditing and consulting.


Strategic, specialist, investment, and pre-purchase advisory.


Cost identification, analysis, and reduction.


Management optimisation of existing processes and team training.


Growth strategies such as increasing sales and menu management.

Are your business profits reaching their maximum potential?

Without a solid plan for success, not only you could be losing money, but also time, preventing your business from realising its full development potential.


Are you looking to open a restaurant but lack experience?


Are you running a restaurant but struggling with profitability?


You have the employees but they lack knowledge, professionalism, or passion?


Your business works, but you are unsure how to manage it effectively?

Our offering encompasses audits, consulting, and training sessions designed to help you and your team achieve your goals. Together, we will define objectives that will enable your development.

Take advantage of proven solutions that will lead your business to success.

Based on our own experience, we understand the challenges of responding to the myriad variables in the HoReCa industry.
Rising costs, labour shortages, and increased competition are an everyday reality. Without a clear action plan tailored to your needs and those of your team, progress may be elusive. 
specialised suppliers
internal and external training sessions
comprehensive strategies (from concept to implementation)
executed marketing campaigns

We analyse and propose necessary changes and solutions in the following areas:

We analyse your revenue structure monthly and annually, identifying development opportunities and threats.

We analyse and determine the structure of fixed and variable costs, suggesting optimization possibilities.

We assess the legitimacy of losses and propose elimination solutions.

We offer solutions in personnel management, sales, and inventory management.

We develop short- and long-term development strategies for your business in financial and marketing areas.

Ferment Group Pro – Success lies in the details.